Sophisticated, caring and commitment-minded American men who are frustrated with the conventional dating scene, and turned off by dubious websites that are a waste of time at best and outright fraudulent at worst, can now potentially find their better half on the other side of the world with the assistance of NoBordersForLove.com: a new marriage agency that facilitates successful relationships with commitment-minded women born, raised and living in Ukraine.


Unlike many other websites that are riddled with fake profiles and actually make meeting the girls on the site difficult, or sites that simply take large groups of men to meet to “girls off the street”, who the men often have never communicated with prior to the trip; NoBordersForLove.com uses a proprietary 5-phase process to ensure that clients are safe, secure, and have the best chance of finding a successful match and lasting life partner:


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  3. Assessments                                Read More..
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  6. Summary                                      Read More..

Frequently Asked Questions

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