Taking Your Online Connection Offline: The Meet-Up

A Guide on How Not to Make it Awkward

After you assembled your online dating profile with an updated ‘About Me’ page and a high-end studio display picture, you will definitely get a lot of hits. After thorough scanning, you will finally choose a potential candidate to meet outside the virtual world. It can be scary for some as they may not turn out to be who they said they were. However, in order to reach that consensus, you have to give them a chance. It all depends on how the first meeting goes.

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Once you have taken the plunge and have asked him/her out, now will be the time to truly take your relationship to the next level. How are you going to do that? Read on to find out.

1.      First Impressions Count:

Dress your best is all one can say when it comes to meeting a potential partner. You are meeting the one person you have been talking to for months and you obviously want to look your best now that you are meeting them in person.

2.      Always Communicate Before the Meeting:

Always talk on the phone and discuss meet up plans a day before the actual date. It will relieve some nervousness and eeriness when you actual meet. It also opens the door to hear that person’s voice and judge their tone, attitude and way of talking. You can tell a lot about a person just by the way he/she speaks the language and the tone he/she chooses.

3.      Be You!

This can’t be stressed on enough. You have to yourself. The time to pretend to be someone you are not is over. If you really want this relationship to turn into something serious, you would want them to love you for who you truly are.

4.      Make Up for All the Lies:

Now is the time to come clean about all those lies you deliberately and calculatingly told. You shouldn’t have lied in the first place but if you did say a few things that weren’t true but were also not very significant lies, now is the time to come clean about them. Apologize and tell them the reasons why you needed to lie. Your relationship won’t get anywhere if you continue to lie.

5.      Set Up to Meet in a Public Place:

Even if you have known them for months, they could still turn out to be a pedophile. When one has the liberty to hide behind a screen and be someone they want to be, chances of scams multiply. Why take the risk? It is best to stay safe and meet in a public place. It is also better to bring someone along so that you can stay safe. Just make them sit on another table!

6.      Don’t be a Dinner Girl:

Just because you hit if off online doesn’t mean it is going to go all well on an actual date too. They could turn out to be the complete opposite of what they were online. Accepting a dinner invitation means you will have to spend at least two hours together. There is no escaping that. If you want to save yourself form that torture, go for drinks instead. If you two get along well, you can definitely aim to eat out together the next time you meet.

7.      Try Flirting:

First dates are all about flirting. Even if you have already flirted on online chats, now is the time to really bring your A-game. Partners, especially women, want a man who is more approachable and frank in person than online. They want someone who is better than the online version and not the complete opposite. Now is the time to show how sexy, easy-going and funny you can be via your expressions and body language. Basically, do all that you weren’t able to do