Time Difference Makes All the Difference

When talking about the side-effects of a relationship scattered in different time zones, such as a 6 hours+ difference between the US and Ukraine, they can be pretty overwhelming. The uncertainty of whether your partner is honest or is openly cheating while you are staying up all night for them is only one of the few issues couples in a long distance relationship (LDR) have.

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It might be true that they are difficult but not impossible to deal with. All that is required of you is to put in a little extra effort to keep it alive and healthy. Read on to find out how you can do it:

Set a Talking Schedule

Since you were up all night talking to your partner, you may feel exhausted in the morning. You know you have to get to the office, work 8 hours straight and lastly, attend a family gathering before finally coming to bed again. This is the exact picture of how different time zones can affect relationships.

The truth is; there will never be a good time to talk to each other. By the time you finally get done with all your work, you may realize that your partner has already dozed off after waiting for you. The next time you wake up, they greet you with a good afternoon message. Rather than compromising on your health, always set a time that suits you both. Remember; communication in a relationship separated by time zones is important!

Be Flexible

Time zones can be super challenging. You may feel like breaking down and in dire need of your partner to hold you close but he/she might be busy with a hectic work schedule or might be enjoying a peaceful sleep. You know that the only thing you need to feel better is to be with them. You may also feel rejected and unimportant. You need to show flexibility and understand your partner’s point of view rather than breaking into a fight with them. They may get called in for an urgent task at the office or may have a family emergency to attend to while you stay awake all night waiting for them to come online.

Prepare to be flexible when in a LDR having different time zones because chances are that it is likely to happen more than once.

Communicate Everything:

Plan all your next day’s schedule in advance. Share with them the details and expectations of the next day. If you have a big presentation coming up and might not be able to get in touch with them, let them know about it in advance so that they don’t feel left out. Every relationship is built on the foundations of strong communication. In a long distance relationship, it becomes even more important to be on the same page.

Plan Date Nights:

There are many apps, like Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Facetime etc. that allow free of cost communication via videos and chats. Make the most of these technological applications. Learn to use them if you don’t already know how to because the sad reality is that they are the closest interaction you can have with your partner when they are not beside you on the bed. To make things spicier, plan date nights where you two can watch a movie together while eating popcorn and other snacks.