Women, Dating and the Misconceptions

Whether you are a 40 Year Old Virgin or feel 17 Again, when it comes to women, there is hardly anything that can help. Women are a mystery and trying to win over the one you really like makes the dating ritual even more complicated.

But that is just the male version of “What women are?” In this blog post, we will try to expose all those superstitions that men usually have when it comes to understanding a woman.

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1.      They Like it when you Play Cool:

In 3 words: NO THEY DON’T. If there is one thing that every guy must know about a woman is that she loves to be the centre of attention. She likes to feel wanted and craves compliments.

Playing it cool so that you don’t come off as desperate is the exact opposite of it. Telling her that you will not be available for another date until next month because you are busy with something or are being rude to her will only make you look like an insensitive chap.

2.      They Obsess Over You All the Time

If you think that she will be obsessing over after the first date, stalking your social media profile and waiting by the bedside phone to receive a call from your end, you might be terribly wrong. She might very well be shopping for her next week’s date she has lined up. To them, dating is a means to get out there and have a good time. They are not always expecting a marriage proposal in return.

3.      They Prefer to Cuddle over Sex:

That’s just all in your head. Like men, Ukrainian women also think about sexual encounters with the opposite gender. Maybe not that often but saying that they never would be a myth. In fact, after a date gone well, sex is among the top three things on their mind. It isn’t always the traditional fully-clothed spooning that they desire; they do adore the idea of a romantic and steamy romp.

4.      They Always Want the Unutterable “R” thing:

No, they don’t always want relationships (There, we said it!). Just because they are showing an interest in you doesn’t mean that they are desperate to make the first person they meet their husband. True, Ukrainian women outrank men by a 15% ratio but that doesn’t mean that they don’t wish for a summer fling.

5.      They are Looking for Alpha Males:

No, they aren’t! The very connotation of this word refers to a person who doesn’t showcase his weaknesses. If you think woman want that kind of a man to date, then you are wrong. Women and emotions are best friends. Like other women, Ukrainian women too crave long conversations during the night, love talking about your fears and future plans and imagine a happily ever after with you. They are masters of handling the tears; so, don’t shy away by thinking that she might find you to be too soft and vulnerable.

6.      Babies are the Only Things on their List:

A very common misconception about Ukrainian woman is that once they like a man, all they want to do is get married and have kids. It’s time to pop that bubble. Most women today are very career-oriented and might not even have marriage let alone babies on their priority list.

If you still feel such vibes from her end, there is no harm in actually having a conversation about the future and see where she imagines you two being in the next 5 years.