15 Life Saver Tips to making a Long Distance Relationship Work

“She may be all things nice dude but… long distance relationships never work!”

Don’t listen to all that gibberish advice from family members, your coworkers or your friends. If you believe you have found your soul mate, don’t let anything (even the distance) come between you two.

Yes, it is going to be really tough. At times, you will just want an out but long distance relationships don’t always fail. It is an opportunity to know a person the way they truly are from a distance, understand their importance in your life, miss the simplest of gestures, such as holding their hand while crossing the road, smelling their freshly shampooed hair or waking up next to them every morning.

If you are in one and are trying to figure out how to make a long distance relationship work, below are 12 tips to strengthen your relationship and show all your friends that miracles can happen!

1.      Make Them Your Priority:

A relationship is like a beaded necklace; it only takes a moment for the thread to break and the beads from scattering all over the floor. Thus, every step taken needs to be taken with caution.  When in a long distance relationship, ensure that you prioritize talking to them as much as you can and whenever you can. If you can’t adjust to the time difference and find it difficult to reschedule your important work for another time, you should really be asking yourself whether this relationship will work or not.

2.      Nothing Beats Meeting In Person:

Again, something that can’t be stressed enough. Make every possible effort for a physical meet up as there is nothing more comforting than that. Even if that means being with them for a few hours, make it happen.

3.      Don’t Cheat On Them:

Isn’t that an unwritten rule? Cheating is never acceptable in a long distance relationship. You may think you might get away with a brief fling without your partner finding out about it but trust us, they will. ‘When’ we don’t know; ‘how’, we don’t know either but they will.

4.      Master The Art Of Listening:

To be in a long distance relationship, you have to be a patient listener. There will be times when you will have to calm down the other person when they talk about their frustration and fears. You need to have the nerves to accept when you are wrong and when you have disappointed your partner. Verbal communication is the only thing between you guys; so, there will be a lot of talking involved. remember; with talking, comes listening.

5.      Talk About Mutual Interests:

Instead of pointing fingers at the differences between you two, it is best to play your part in making it an environment of wellbeing where you two talk more about the things you like and less about the things you don’t. Talk about common interests, be it a movie, a book or a hobby.

6.      Don’t Let Silence Come In Between:

Don’t stonewall your partner just because they are asking you something that you don’t feel like answering. Don’t use silence as your escape route. Hanging up or refusing to pick up a call may seem the easier way out but it will only make your partner more uncertain, frustrated, mad and insecure. Silence is a silent way of telling them that you have something to hide, which is not the best impression to give them.

7.      Set Some Ground Rules Together:

The best way to avoid conflict and heartache in the longer run is to set some ground rules about what is acceptable and what isn’t, what is considered cheating and what is allowed, what would be regarded as jealousy and what is concern, what are the expectations you have from them and what can they expect from you in return. Talking about such issues is important because they can become the reasons for a beautiful relationship to end.

8.      Show Your Complete Trust:

Long distance easily makes some feel insecure and jealous. It is very convenient to think that the reason they are not picking up your call is because they are hooking up with someone else. Don’t let such feelings get in the way your relationship. Show complete trust in your partner and don’t act overly-possessive unless you have to. It will only breed negativity and will end in pain for the both of you.

9.      Sext:

Physical contact is important for both the parties. Since sex is off the table in a long distance relationship, sexting is the closest you can be with them intimately while being away from them. Keep them wishing they were here to hold you in their arms by choosing the right words.

10.  Make The Most Of Your Time When Together:

When visiting, don’t take them to historical monuments or the latest bar that has opened in your town. They just want to spend quality time with you. Make the most of it by doing things that you both enjoy doing. Make the sex REALLY good so that they have something to look forward to the next time.

11.  Keep Surprising Them:

Keep sending some snail mail every now and then for them to find at their doorsteps, even if it includes a box of chocolates and a weird-looking sweater you sewed for them. The key is to remind them that they are always on your mind and in their heart, which both chocolates and a sweeter says well.

12.  Make Peace With The Weekends:

Weekends, if nothing, are going to be the toughest. You may be in a relationship with someone across the border but you have to understand that beyond you, they have a life. They have friends to party with and family to cook dinners for. Weekends are the perfect time for families and friends to get together. So, there is no denying the fact that they will be the hardest to handle. There will barely be any detailed communications unless both of you aren’t drunk enough to Skype. So, you have to be patient and don’t hold any “not giving me enough me” grudges in your heart.