14 Sure-tell Signs your Relationship is Going Somewhere Good

Who said being in a relationship is easy? Most of the times, they are difficult to navigate and often takes years for couples to realize that they aren’t a perfect match for each other. On other occasions, you get so accustomed to being unhappy that you forget what happiness looks like and you get taken for granted all your life. However, that doesn’t happen if you are in the right relationship. Everything in the right relationship is beautiful. Smiles reach the eyes, the sun shines brighter, you fall in love with rain and you enjoy doing stuff that you hated before; only so that you can see a big smile on your partner’s face. Those are signs that you are indeed the perfect match.

Strong relationship

In this blog post, we will be looking at 14 such beautiful signs that your relationship is a healthy and strong one.

1.      Decisions are Made After a Joint Consensus:

Only one partner doesn’t call all the shots. Important decisions that may impact the relationship are taken after thoroughly discussing its repercussions. Couples in a strong relationship don’t impose each other’s decisions or opinions on their partners. Instead, they listen, discuss and come to a mutual conclusion to whatever issue is under debate.

2.      You can Freely Speak your Opinion:

Opinions are respected. A relationship where one partner feels that they are unable to express themselves freely is not strong. Conversely, in a strong relationship, both partners understand the importance of being heard. They know that valuing what the other has to say is the key to sustaining a long-lasting and healthy relationship.

3.      You Fight Maturely:

Fights are important. They are a means of letting out all the frustration which may have built up inside. They are a means to clear confusions that one or both partners may have about their relationship, which is why couple should have productive fights occasionally in order to keep the relationship moving forward. Productive fights allow the partners to reach a common ground, compromise on a few things and better understand the perspective of the other person. It’s not about winning or losing; it’s about dealing with problems in a mature manner.

4.      Personal Space is Valued:

You are in a strong relationship if you understand the need for socializing with other people rather than with just your partner. If you value personal space and are able to establish a balance between your social life and partner, your relationship if definitely going the right way.

5.      There is Unconditional Trust:

Trust is valued. Even if one of the partners isn’t able to give the other enough time, they aren’t questioned. They aren’t blamed for being the cause. Instead, when it’s real, these things don’t matter. You don’t expect an answer from your partner about their whereabouts because they came home late last night. You assume that they might have tried to get out earlier but couldn’t.

6.      You Make Each Other a Better Person:

When in a relationship, both partners strive to become the best versions of themselves. They inspire each other to do things they don’t like doing, just to see a smile on their partner’s face, even if that involves watching a two hour chick-flick or watching a football match you barely know a thing about. You do it for the person next to you. It is a sure-tell sign that your partner is ready to invest in your likes and dislikes and wants you to know that you are valued.

7.      Loving Deeds are Always Appreciated:

Strong couples know the importance of appreciation. They understand that words and actions of praise are a great way to keep the relationship moving forward – preventing it from going stale. Even the smallest of gestures, like a see-off hug before leaving for work, is a sign that you are fully committed to your partner and know how much it matters to them.

8.      Troubles Bring you Closer, not Tear you Apart:

Instead of locking yourself in the room and crying about your troubles, you let each other in on them and look for a solution. Troubles are what bring you closer. They become the reason for you two to spend more time together and figure out a solution to them rather than going on a time out or emotionally shutting down.

9.      The Past is Not an Issue:

Past relationships and exes are off the table. In a strong relationship, whatever happened, happened, and is not discussed. It doesn’t become a fighting reason unless it is serious.

10.  Disagreements are Respected:

In every relationship, there are some differences. Everyone has a different opinion and a way of seeing things. What may seem normal to one in a relationship might be a big thing in the eyes of the other. Disagreements tend to happen. Only the ones who are strong enough to acknowledge their differences and stay together through thick and thin are the ones that will last longer.

11.  You can Trust them with Secrets:

Instead of gossiping about your partner on a brunch or guys night out, unfortunately, you and your partner don’t share a strong relationship. If you trust someone with your deep and twisted secrets, you expect them to keep them a secret. If they aren’t, you really need to reconsider the longevity of your relationship.

12.  Sexual Compatibility is Great:

To sustain a strong relationship, sexual compatibility is also an important factor. Both the partners need to understand that mutual compatibility is necessary. There may be times when one might not feel as enthusiastic or adventurous as the other but sexual flames should never burn out. You are not in a strong relationship if your partner has started to treat sex as a chore and has made it clear that they are not physically attracted to you via their little interest in the matter or act.

13.  You Two Play Fair:

Instead of creating a bigger fuss of an issue than it already is, strong couples don’t give each other the silent treatment or hurt the other because one of them initiated it. There are no double-meaning taunts, the three magical words aren’t taken for granted and communication doesn’t die away. Strong couples don’t let insecurities and jealousy come in the middle. Most importantly, they don’t run from each other; they stay back to fix what needs fixing and talk it out. Once they do, forgiveness comes easy and balance is restored.

14.  You Two are the Only Ones Calling the Shots:

An occasional word of wisdom from an experienced third person is good but not always appreciated.  You are in a strong relationship if you pay little to no heed to what an outsider has to say about you two. You value each other and don’t let a third person or their opinions get in the way. During a time out, instead of going over at your friends to seek advice, you work it out among yourselves rather than relying on another’s words.