New Marriage Agency Helps U.S. Men Connect with and Visit Potential Life Partners in Ukraine


New Marriage Agency Helps U.S. Men Connect with and Visit Potential Life Partners in Ukraine

Sophisticated, caring and commitment-minded American men who are frustrated with the conventional local  dating scene, and turned off by dubious international websites that are a waste of time at best and outright fraudulent at worst, can now potentially find their better half on the other side of the world with the assistance of a new marriage agency that facilitates successful relationships with commitment-minded women born, raised and living in Ukraine.

Unlike many other websites that are riddled with fake profiles and actually make meeting the girls on the site difficult, or agencies  that simply take large groups of men to meet to “girls off the street”, takes a totally difference approach. Our service starts with building the profile of the women you are looking for, and continues all the way to introducing you to her in person in Ukraine. is the only full service International matchmaker based in United States that uses a proprietary 5-phase process to ensure that clients are safe, secure, and have the best chance of finding a successful match and lasting life partner in Ukraine.


  • Phase 1: Interview-  The interview starts with introducing clients to the rich and multi-faceted Ukrainian culture, and why Ukrainian women are often appealing to marriage-minded men with traditional family values. Ukrainian women are raised to put family first, and often look for deeper qualities in men than many American women. The interview continues with an assessment of each client to identify their unique goals, hopes and expectations. Furthermore, only accepts men that the company knows it will be able to help.
  • Phase 2: Match Profile. The client then works with’s matchmakers to develop a set of preferences for his ideal match (usually between 25 and 100), which covers everything from basic likes and dislikes, to categorical “deal-breakers.”
  • Phase 3: Search and Screening. Once the match profile is created, and its partner matchmakers from local agencies in Ukraine conduct comprehensive searches to identify women that meet each client’s unique match preferences. In some cases, places personal ads for clients in local newspapers, magazines and Social Media. Potential matches are personally interviewed and screened by local matchmakers, and each woman provided with a complete profile of the client.
  • Phase 4: Selection and Communication. The client is presented with comprehensive profiles of potential matches which have expressed interest in communication. The client can communicate with one or all the matches. then arranges video calls, where the couple can see and hear each other. If there a mutual interest then communication will continue through additional video calls, and in some cases, letters and online chat.
  • Phase 5: Travel and Dates in Ukraine.  When the couple is ready to meet, com makes all the necessary travel arrangements and escorts the client to Ukraine. Trips typically last about 10 days but the client can say longer if wishes.  While in Ukraine, each client goes on pre-arranged dates with one or more selected matches.

Throughout the process, clients can also get support from the company’s matchmakers, who are there to assist and provide advice.  They can also enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that because of the in-person connection aspect of the service, there is less risk of encountering fake or misleading women.

“For many busy middle-aged men, finding a soul mate and life partner is immensely challenging,” commented David Galler, the founder of, and an Atlanta, Georgia-based attorney at Galler Law, LLC. “I was thrust back into the dating scene after two decades of marriage, and found the experience disorienting and frustrating. I knew there had to be a better way than singles bars and dubious websites, and that journey ultimately took me to Ukraine, where I found my better half. But while men spent thousands of dollars on international websites, most men came home from Ukraine broke and alone.

I wanted to use my experiences to help other people seek true love and happiness, while making sure they had a safe, culturally-rich and stress-free experience. That was how came to life, and it’s already revolutionizing the marriage agency industry. Other websites and agencies just make promises, but we’re really bringing people together — and my personal story is living proof.”

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