New Marriage Agency,, set for American men looking for love and matches in Ukraine


For Immediate Release- September  2016


New Marriage Agency,, set for American men looking for love and matches in Ukraine. For many people, looking for the best life partner seems to be one of the hardest things to do nowadays.  Complications between relationships are becoming prevalent, more people would rather spend their time alone, and a good love life might seem impossible to find.  This leads to the launch of a new marriage agency, The new dating agency is dedicated to single men looking for love and matches in Ukraine.

The company is committed in assisting single American men to find their better half with Ukrainian women. No Borders for Love understands how hard it is for most singles to look for love as their jobs and other life circumstances leave them little time for socializing.

The dating site gives single men a chance to get their love life back on track with women who are born and raised in Ukraine. The site has privacy features that makes it secure and allows single men the time to get to know their potential partner before they meet physically. One of the best things about the site is they value the safety of every member and there is a detailed data validation. The new agency is only interested in real members who seek true love. No fake profiles or ringer accounts are allowed on the site.

The agency scrutinizes their comprehensive database of women from Ukraine and matches them with their clients. This makes the compatibility more discernible and the success for a relationship much more realistic.  No Borders for Love aims to find the best match for its clients and all private and identifiable data entered by members are intensely encrypted to ensure security. The site also has zero scam tolerance and eliminates fraud or deception.

Also, the site knows that language can be a barrier to the relationship. So the site can provide an interpreter for those who find it hard to communicate in either language. Language barriers will never be a problem with the new dating site. There are also counselors available to assist its clients with any problems that may arise with the site or with any member.  This guarantees the safety of its members and the welfare of each and every one is looked after.

Finally, the new agency also offers organization of trips and dates when the relationship has settled, The agency escorts its American users when they travel to Ukraine and meet their new love, This is something unique that is offered in the dating site and not found in any other online marriage networks. is out to revolutionize the way we seek true love and happiness. Men who find it hard to seek love will get a chance to try their luck with women from the other end of the world. The site is out to help singles have a rich cultural experience and at the same time find someone who can be their better half.

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