A message from Founder David Galler- International Dating


International Dating  I am a native Georgian. I have practiced law in this state for almost thirty years; the last thing I even considered was providing dating help for men.

But when I suddenly became single after I   was divorced after a twenty-year marriage, I had to learn about dating again.   I spoke with lots of agencies, tried lots of online services, but each time there a major problem.

I made a lot mistakes and lost a lot of money, but in the end, I found out some things that can help men like me. Now I am engaged to one the most beautiful girls I have even seen.

This year I have taken a total of six men, all have girlfriends.  So No Borders for Love.com was born.

Call at 404-825-5540 to learn more.

We were different because instead of you wasting hours and hundreds even thousands of dollars on so-called communication websites, I have the girls you looking for and present you with verified profiles.

We arrange video Skypes calls so you and sees and hear her. If you interested calls continue to help build your relationship. Your communication with one girl or many the choice is yours.

When you are ready, we take you to Ukraine, and one of staff introduces you to the girl of our dreams.    No online scams. No traveling with fifty other men. No meat market socials.  Only real dates with girls you have already communicated with by Skype or letters.

Online dating sites

The problems with dating sites other the lies and the fake photos is they encourages those online to continue to play the field indefinitely.


  1. 10% percent of all online users leave in the first three months.
  2. One-third of people who use these sites have NEVER gone on a date with someone they met through the sites.
  3. Only 5% of Americans who are in a marriage or committed relationship say they met their significant

Other on line.

  1. Research suggests that so-called “matching algorithms” used by E-Harmony and other sites are only negligibly better at matching people than RANDOM CHANCE.
  2. By 48, Men have twice as many online pursuers as Women.
  3. 53% Percent of people online report they dated more than one person simultaneously.
  4. 10% Percent of those currently using online dating are

Registered sex offenders.

Dating agencies/ Matchmakers

Just check the reviews, most have very low ratings. They mostly play the same game. You first meet with attractive women who basically “pose” as a match Maker. In fact, she commissions sales person.

After she spends hours going through you past relationships, she promises she can help, just sign up. Chances are you have little or no contact with her again.

International Dating sites

Good if you don’t mind pay anywhere from .80 to over $5.00 a minute to chat with girls that often have boyfriends.

International tours

The concept is to take up to fifty men at a time to a foreign country. The men attend up three “socials” that often come more for the door prizes than for men.   Starting a relationship with a girl a type of social that does not even speak English has been proven to be very ineffective.