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Our Matchmaking service is for men who value their time and want to make sure they will be in contact only with high quality, sincere and honest women, and want guaranteed results.

We are different. Here’s Why

We take the time to really understand your unique needs and aspirations. Thus, we can plan your search to reach the best possible outcome and help you save time and money and have the peace of mind. This means you will have less stress and enjoy your love adventure more.

How can we guarantee the results

We only accept in the service the men we know we will be able to help. If we accept your application, we guarantee that we will find the woman you are looking for. The Match Making service was developed because of  numerous requests from men that seek to eliminate the possible pitfalls in their search for a Ukrainian wife.

1. Cultural differences, the inability to get complete information through long-distance contacts and the growing number of scams on the Internet, are the most often quoted reasons why finding a partner seems to be a daunting task.

2. Many men don’t want to pay a private investigator to check out every single woman they are in contact with.

3. The others don’t want to screen hundreds of responses and answer women who don’t meet their requirements or they are too busy to do it.

4. They seem to do all the right things, and their correspondence stops after a few letters and the women just disappear.

We understand that the process of finding the right person can be frustrating for men, but it is the same for women: we often receive letters from women who have been seeking a partner for 2, 3 even 4 years and they cannot seem to get it right.

All in all, finding your soul mate is not easy in normal life, and it would be unrealistic to expect that it would be easier to do on the Internet.

15 years ago there were less people on the Internet, it was only the ‘cre`me de la cre`me’ who could afford Internet access, and finding a partner on the Internet was a lot easier. One could do it by just being guided by the common sense and with a fair amount of luck. Scams did not exist, the agencies in the business could be counted on the fingers of one hand.Compared to what we have today, getting married to an honest, sincere Ukrainian woman was as simple as 1-2.

Unfortunately – Those days are gone forever – In fact there have never been so many Ukrainian women and so many western and European men that want to find a partner, but surprisingly, it is much more difficult for them to meet each other now, when the choice is so big!

What are the reasons for that ? Over the years the information about the possibility of meeting a woman from Eastern Europe has become common knowledge. Many men are buying addresses, and writing to women that have profiles with agencies. According to the data of local Ukrainian agencies, only 10% of those men will ever come to Ukraine to visit their Lady pen pals. So out of 20 men writing to a woman only 1 man will probably visit her. If she corresponds with 5 men (which is already quite a lot), it’s unlikely that even one of them will meet her in person.

Many young, beautiful women have told us that they feel men are not really interested in relationships, and just seem to write for the sake of writing. Women, in their turn, want to get acquainted with a man who is serious about meeting them and getting married.

How can they verify the man’s intentions ? Unfortunately, there is no way for them to do this. So if men can be reasonably concerned about scams, women are concerned about the honorable intentions of the men who are writing to them. This is where a matchmaking service can step in and make the difference.


Give us your requirements, and we will find your special woman for you:

1. We carefully select the women that meet your requirements, screen all the profiles, and personally contact successful candidates on your behalf to find out if there is a mutual interest.

2. We provide you with extensive information on each women (a complete resume) and many photos, so you can make an educated choice.

3. We will provide the means for women to write to you via email without them needing to pay for it.

4. If your letters need to be translated, we translate them for you.

5. When you decide to meet your potential candidate (or candidates) in person, we will help you to organize your visit (visa, accommodation, English speaking guide, driver with a car etc).* your security is our priority.

6. If your relationship is successful, and you decide to marry while in Ukraine, we will provide you with assistance in preparing documents for the marriage and with the marriage ceremony.

7. Unlimited support and consultations on any stage of your search.