Russian Marriage Agency


 Russian Marriage Agency

The mention of a  Russian Marriage Agency is sure to conjure up many different images in your mind. Mail order bride is usually a popular one. I’m here to inform you about a new Russian Marriage Agency, No Borders for Love. It is one of the most safe and effective agencies for men in the United States to meet Russian women. We pride ourselves on our customer service and attention to detail.


Our first step is to make sure we answer any questions you may have. We want you to feel completely comfortable during this process. At our Russian Marriage Agency, you will go through an extensive interview process. We then build a profile based on your interests, hobbies, and what you are looking for in a relationship. With your input, we will then begin researching our database to find the perfect matches for you.

Most men pick between two to five girls to converse with over the introduction period. You are welcome to skype with these women in the comfort of your home or within our office.  After several skypes you will  feel confident to choose the one (or two) ladies that you would like to meet. Typically, we don’t encourage meeting with more than three women. You do not want to stretch yourself too thin. Your goal is to build on what you started back home.


A representative from the Russian Marriage Agency, No Borders for Love, will travel with a small group of men to Russia to meet the woman of their dreams. This is not an exaggeration! Russian women take great pride in their appearance and are groomed from a young age to be excellent care takers for their men. They are family oriented as well as traditional when it comes to gender roles within the family. In Russia, there are five times more men than women making it impossible for all the women to marry. This enables the Russian Marriage Agency, No Borders for Love, to provide dozens of options for their clients.

Once you arrive in Russia, you will meet individually with the women you have selected. Clearly, this gives you a better chance at building a stronger connection with your date. How many times can a man focus one hundred percent on his relationship for a ten day period while he is navigating his daily routine? He can’t. But enlisting the help of a Russian Marriage Agency will ensure that you can have this time to focus on yourself and your love life.