Trophy wife?

A real wife. Not a trophy wife.

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 Thinking she will be your trophy wife: These ladies are tough as nails. They have to deal with drunk husbands/boyfriends who think nothing about going out and finding a mistress, don’t want to support their family (so she goes out to work), and generally most of the decisions and hard choices fall to the ladies. She will show you her claws if she thinks you are using her just as a “trophy wife.” Find someone to be your lover, wife, and equal partner, not someone you can dominate and control. For most men, I would say that even if they tried it would not be possible to control a Russian or Ukrainian woman anyway—she is strong-willed and fiercely independent.

You are looking for a wife, not someone to just pass the time. Well, then again… Seriously, these are serious and honest women (for the most part) and they deserve the same respect. Besides, if you do not ask her questions to find out more about her, her family, dreams, goals, etc… she will sooner or later figure out that you are not serious. Then she will dump you, or just see what she can get out of you! If you are truly looking for a wife, you should be asking her all kinds of questions! Not only ask many different questions, but ask them several times in various ways, just to see if you get consistent answers (another good way to protect yourself from a scam).

Looking for trophy wife?

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