Find Russian women

To find the right Russian woman you need to first be sure you are working with a legitimate agency and not one that will scam you. That alone can be a tiresome process! You also want to be sure you have the time and patience to invest in international dating and marriage. Finding the right Russian women takes time but will be well worth the wait! Lastly, relax and have fun! How often do we take time to focus on our love life?


Some websites will claim to have a large selection of women. Unfortunately,  what they really have is a bunch of unavailable ladies on their site that they have copied and pasted from elsewhere. These sites will charge a ridiculous amount for phone calls and  letters. Sadly, this will only result in false hope on your part, because for the majority of the women, this is their 9-5 job!


Finding Russian women takes time.  You will need to be prepared to take time out of your work schedule, travel to Russia and meet these women face to face.   Repeated online conversations and phone calls is not going to solidify your relationship, or really let you know if she  is the woman for you. You also want to be sure you go into the process with an open mind. Be ready to try new adventures and do not settle for the first lady you meet.  There will be more than one lady that is likely to pique your interest. This is not the time or place to leave with regrets.

To find  the right Russian woman will be an “easy on the eyes” process. These women are stunning and place a high value on their appearance.  However, because they value themselves so highly,  they are very honest about the way they feel about their spouse. Finding Russian women who are loyal will not be difficult.  They see their spouse not only as their lover, but also their best friend. Their spouse is an extension of themselves and they go to great lengths to please them.

Finding Russian women to court and fall in love with requires you to put yourself out there. You will also need to polish up on your manners. Russian women are very traditional and respect and admire men who are the same way.  Bring them flowers, open the car door for them,  help them with their coat and you will be sure to score some brownie points.