What to look for in an International Matchmaking agency!

International Matchmaking agency

This me and my girlfriend  Anna !

What to look for in an International  Matchmaking agency! There many tools available today to find a partner. From do-it yourself websites like “Match” to the “Millionaire Matchmakers” and everything in between. No agency seems to have a major formula. It really comes down to a few major items.
1, Is the company creditable? Every business needs to make a profit but is profit the company’s only goal?
2. Get as many details as possible about how the company will find the girl you are looking. The answer needs to be more than “we have a large database. or we matched thousand of couples” What is the plan to find the right lady for you ?
3. Who is really going to match you? Usually it is not the commission sales person you meet with to start. Matching is the most critical component to any agency. What’s the person’s experience? Where are the matches coming
from? ( are they paid members or free members). And to be honest, there is just no substitute for hard work.
4. What are the fees and what are you getting for them? Is it just dates or are there other services? Many agencies consider a date complete once they girl send you a name and contact number and the rest is up to you.
Email me or use the contact form and i will answer any questions you have.