Ukrainian dating Scams.

Dave Stevens am a expert on Ukrainian marriage agencies scams and marriage agencies in general found that
“70% of Russian marriage agencies are scams. Of the 30% that are legitimate, 50% have unethical practices that serve only to get your money. Russian scam agencies out number legitimate agencies. Marriage agencies in Ukraine continue to find new methods of scamming you and some of these scams are more difficult to detect as a scam”

After traveling to Ukraine for 8 years i have seen many men scammed. Anything and everything, But yet at the same time many men have met wonderful ladies and are now married and very happy. I have also met many girls in Ukraine that were tricked by foreign men, so while this happens much less serious girls need to be careful also.

Over the next few days i will explain all the different types of sites and other options and how most are basically scams, I will also explain how we are different.
But the bottom line while no agency can promise to find you love, i can promise that we are the easiest and safest way to meet Ukrainian girls and you will have a real date with a beautiful and serious girl.