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Ukrainian women


Avoiding scams.

There many options with regard to searching for Ukrainian women. If you do a search on Google or any other major search engine, most of the results will be what are called “communications sites”. There are basically match dot com meets the old 976 porn chat lines.You can chat with single girls but you pay by the minute. On the largest site anastasiadate dot com, you pay between $.40 and $.80 cents a minute. That doubles to between .80 and 1.60 if you add video and goes to get premium video which includes two way video rate goes to $2.40 $4.80 A MINUTE. So at close to $5.00 a minute. the bill can add up fast.
Men can easily spend $5000.00 to $10,000.00 a month on this site. What do you get for all the money? Thousands of photos of beautiful girls and almost constant chat requests from the girls.The cost of the site is just the first problem. Many of the photos are heavily photo shopped, so…unless you see the girl on video you really have no idea what she looks like. Second, many of girls are there just to earn money. Because of the high fees the site and sites like it generate a lot money, this allows the owner of the website, to pay the local agencies.Many of the local agencies in turn pay the girls. The sites claim you will receive plenty of attention, well that is true because most of the chat requests are automated and sent to hundreds of men at one time. The girl often has no idea who is getting her chat requests. Same deal with the letters, you will receive letters day in and day out from girls you have never written. Do you really believe that a beautiful 19 year old girl has nothing to do but write letters to a fifty year old man that is never written her? Then of course there gifts on the sites. Over priced flowers, cost at least double the local price more often four or five times. But it get better, the agencies get part of this profit and some even share with the girls.